Why Another Blog?

I am doing something I vowed I would never do…enter the blog world.  I would be the first to say the last thing we need is another blog.  So, why another blog?  For the same reason I write the books I write: To address issues of pastoral ministry that are largely neglected in the younger generations of pastors being raised up today.   The problem isn’t a lack of opportunity to be taught and develop biblical and theological convictions, but applying those convictions to the daily grind of pastoral ministry and many of the “outside the box” scenarios that local church pastors face on a daily basis.  Lord willing, this blog will act as a voice to serve to that end.   I pray it will serve both pastors in the “trenches” of this glorious work as well as those aspiring to this call to shepherd the redeemed.

All posts on this blog will revolve around evaluating practical matters of local church ministry through a biblical, theological, and pastoral perspective.  The titles will also be in the form of a question with the post being a humble attempt to answer the questions posed.  Feel free to leave a follow-up question to any post and I will attempt to address that issue.  Also, on the “contact page” you can leave a question you wish to be addressed on a future post.  I don’t presume to know it all or have experienced all that will be addressed.  I readily seek counsel on many matters that are beyond my wisdom and insight.  Yet, I intend to share through this blog all I learn from that counsel I seek from those who are more experienced, wise, and godly than I am.

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