When is it appropriate for children to visit the hospital with you?

When appropriate, the participation of children should be embraced.  Children can lift the spirits of a lonely, hurting person in ways our best efforts cannot.  Children’s participation can also be a wonderful tool to train them to care for people in our churches.  However, there are many times when children should not go with you to visit.  Here are a few of those scenarios:  a patient has a condition with intense pain, a patient is in a section of the hospital where infections passed on can be harmful to the patient (ICU), or a home-bound person is uncomfortable around children.  These are just a few factors to consider in making a wise decision.   Ultimately, prayerful discernment and wisdom are needed.  When unsure, it is best to error on the safe side, knowing there will be other opportunities to train and include your children in your labor.

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