How can I honor the nurses and medical staff caring for those I come to visit?

It is tempting to bypass the nurse’s station when coming to visit, especially if we recently acquired the patient’s updated information and room number.  However, reflecting the gospel as we visit is not solely accomplished in the room with the patient but with those we encounter along the way.  Therefore, a good policy is to stop by the nurse’s station, if for no other reason, to introduce yourself to the nurses caring for the one you have come to visit.  Ask how the patient is doing and if there is any updated information they can share about their condition.  Privacy laws prevent nurses from sharing very much.  However, by waiting patiently and speaking kindly to them, we affirm their authority and role in the care of the patient.  This communicates respect, affirms them in their labour, and most importantly conveys a helpful picture of the gospel when we introduce ourselves as a pastor, deacon, or fellow church member of the patient.

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