What responsibilities does a young man aspiring to pastoral ministry have to his local church?

If you are one who desires the work of a pastor or missionary, Paul says this is a fine work (1 Tim. 3:1). Yet, your responsibility is not simply to rely on your internal call to develop your individual gifts, but to place yourself under the authority of the local church and trust that God will work through the pastors and believers in that congregation to affirm your internal call with an external call.  Take every opportunity to serve and care for the souls of the people in your church.  Take every opportunity to teach or preach you are given.  Humbly serve the church in the smallest of ways, trusting God is preparing you for every future opportunity to minister the gospel to someone.  Trust that God is not only at work in you as you pursue this calling, but that he is at work in your local church to affirm that which you feel called to do.

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8 comments on “What responsibilities does a young man aspiring to pastoral ministry have to his local church?
  1. Really enjoying (i.e being helped by and “amen-ing”) your blog lately. Got here via some links and recommendations elsewhere. Keep up the great work and know that I’m reading along.

  2. I just found your site as well through some other links. It was providential because it is just at this time that I have desired a site like this to exist. It has been a tough slog here for a couple of months and is good to hear some good teaching on ministry. That way none of us can develop an Elijah complex!

  3. I wish that men had this wisdom when I “aspired” to do the work of a pastor. When I told my pastor what I thought God was doing in my heart, he said, great, go to Bible college. I was 20, insufficiently discipled, no training other than preaching a few times.

    I think I should have been discipled, mentored, and trained. Then think of schooling.

    Fortunately I have survived have spent 10 years in full time pastoring. After an abscence I am praying about planting a church this year. But my committment to “my men” will be far different than what it had been to me. I want to mature, disciple, train, evaluate, and test men before we “ship” them off to college or seminary.

    This was a good post with great wisdom, thanks!

    • Brian Croft says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and background. I am sympathetic to your lack of discipleship early on and having to learn much of this the hard way. Because of this history I also experienced, it has given me a great zeal to disciple, mentor, and prepare young men in a faithful way that I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for God’s providential path He chose to take me on. May the Lord give you that same zeal to be faithful in this task because of the sovereign path of “pastoral education” he chose for you.

  4. markmeynell says:

    thanks – it’s a crucial and yet simple point. Having worked as a pastor in the UK and trained pastors in E. Africa, I’ve seen first-hand and had to unpick the damage caused by people who’ve unilaterally gone into ministry.

  5. By the way, if you haven’t read the book “On Being a Pastor” by Derek Prime and Alistair Begg, you should. The first chapter is heavy on this topic. So far, I am really enjoying it!

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