What role do church members play in training those called into the ministry?

It needs to be acknowledged that the overwhelming majority of the congregation does not feel a call into the ministry.  If you are not someone feeling this call, then your responsibility is to continue to do what a faithful church member does.  Invest and pour your life into the people of the church so that when the time comes to possibly affirm someone for the ministry, you are well informed. 

When a young inexperienced brother is given an opportunity to teach Sunday School or preach on a Sunday evening, take the time to go and attentively listen.  Approach them afterwards and encourage them with what you thought they did well and lovingly correct them where they can improve.  Put your personal preferences aside about who you like better as a preacher, and embrace the opportunity of someone else being able to grow and learn from his experience.  If a young man calls asking if he could come to visit you, love and encourage him as he makes the effort to learn and minister to you. 

God has a specific and important role for every member of the church to play to test, train, affirm and send those called into the ministry.  Church members, embrace this privilege.  Pastors, train your people to think this way.

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  1. Great post with some great advice. We have failed to teach our people many things.

    During the final prayer in the ceremonies for weddings, I have those in the audience, stand as witnesses to the committment that the couple has just made and ask those who are standing to join the couple in that committment and pray for them, mentor them, share their marriage with this young couple since Satan seems to bent on destroying marraiges.

    Our people need to be taught they are a community, not individuals who show up with no responsbility to one another.

  2. Your blog was recommended by a dear elder/pastor to me in Tennessee (Dr. Ray Van Neste). I am thankful for your posts and have now added to my favorites. Your thought have affirmed many things that I have shared with two men in our little church in Texas. Your posts on pornography has helped me help a couple here. I thank you for your faithfulness and God’s grace to you. Already, God has used you to help his people. Southern Hills Baptist Church (Copperas Cove, Texas)

  3. This is something that is sorely lacking in the body… after ‘voting’ for whomever (elder or deacon) everyone seems to take their hands off and forget that they are ‘one among’ when it comes to the elders and dulos (servants) and therefore need guidance. Fear of man plays a big part in this and lack of faithfulness and boldness from the teaching elder to promote this type of character building exchanges. Good post.

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