How can I say thanks?

I intend to stay faithful to the established format for this blog.  I do desire, however, to take a moment to say thank you for the meaningful encouragement so many of you have extended to me since starting this blog a few weeks ago.  I am still very new to blogging, but your response has been shocking, overwhelming, and a great reminder of the need so many of us feel to wrestle through these challenging situations that both pastors, leaders, and faithful church members face regularly in the life of a local church.  There is certainly no shortage of issues to write about.  My challenge will be to stay consistent to write, which I intend to do, by God’s grace.

Together for the Gospel: I will be attending T4G here in Louisville, KY next week.  If any of you will be attending the conference, I would love the privilege to meet you.  I will be at the Day One booth a majority of the time during breaks and some meal times.  I look forward to being at the conference with you.  Thanks again!

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