How do I pray the gospel for those sick and dying?

On the previous post, I exhorted us to pray the gospel.  As a result, there have been some requests on how I would approach doing that with those who are sick and dying.  Thanks to those who inquired.  Here is a suggestion for that context:

Father in heaven, as we are reminded at this moment of the fragility of life and the reality of our own mortality, we thank you that you remain righteous, just, and holy in all your ways as God and our Creator.  We confess we have rebelled against your perfect Word and character and deserve your just wrath and punishment because of our sins.  Yet we thank you that you are rich in mercy and have provided a way for us to escape this judgment and be eternally reconciled to you.  This hope is found only through your own Son having died on the cross in our place and having been raised from the dead to give us new life.  How great is your love that you would allow your perfect Son to die in the place of sinners by absorbing and satisfying your wrath so that we could be made righteous before you.  O God, thank you that this gracious offer of salvation comes, not by our own works, but by turning from our sins and trusting, by faith, in the person and work of Jesus.  Father, may this be the hope and joy of us all, whether healthy or moments from death, so that you and your gospel would be known and glorified.

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    Thank you!

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