Why did you write a book on battling pornography and when will it be available?

Help! Hes Struggling with Pornography (Living in a Fallen World)I’m glad you asked.  Well…maybe you didn’t.  But many of you have so I thought this was the best venue to answer those who are asking.  Help! He’s Struggling with Pornography is now available for pre-order on Amazon and CBD and is a part of an exciting new series from Day One publications addressing those difficulties and struggles we face because we live in a fallen world. 

I will be honest, it was a great burden to write this book.  I agreed to it only because my burden for the epidemic it has become in the church is even greater.  I am grateful for the Lord’s abundant grace to keep my heart and mind pure through its research and writing and I pray it will serve many Christian brothers to slay this dragon.   It is also designed to be simple and short enough for an unbeliever to read and clearly grasp the gospel as the way of salvation and means to find victory in this struggle.  Here is the table of contents with a short summation of the book:

This is an unprecedented time. Sexually explicit material is more readily available now than ever before, and a struggle with pornography is often the greatest snare for a Christian man today. Though Christians have been transformed by faith in our Savior Jesus, we are harmed by our sex-saturated culture. So how can a Christian man find victory over pornography? This booklet presents the only true solution: God’s power working through the gospel within the context of the local church. 

Table of Contents:



1 The Problem: A Defiled Heart

2 The Consequences: Wrecked Lives

3 The Solution: A New Heart

4 The Transformation: The Local Church


Personal Application Projects

Where Can I Get Further Help?

This little book (64 pages) is designed to be a guide to lead someone through the process to overcome this struggle.  Pastors, counselors, small group leaders, as well as other individuals burdened for a fellow Christian in this battle in their church all will hopefully benefit from it.  The personal application projects at the end are directed to hurting wives, recovering husbands, and a chart that contrasts the lies men believe in their moments of temptation and the Scriptural truth to combat it.  It is theological.  It is pastoral.  But it is also meant to be really practical (I know…your shocked coming from me).

Any questions about it, feel free to email (contact page) or leave a comment.  Lording willing, it will be released in the UK in August and September in the US.

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3 comments on “Why did you write a book on battling pornography and when will it be available?
  1. Ken says:

    Brian – thanks for writing this, and I can’t wait for the release. I’ve pre-ordered multiple copies, and will be using them in some discipleship counseling situations as soon as they arrive!

  2. Ron Renda says:

    I have been addicted to porn for over 45 years and I was wondering how to write a diary from a reality view point and show the stages that porn goes through and show the red flags from children from the age of 10 on. How would I go about finding someone to do the writing (English was my worst subject in school) I am willing to be completely open and honest with my addiction and as a Christian maybe there is a way to show the reality of porn viewing and get the comment “well everyone views it, no big deal”

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