What was discussed at the pastor's Q and A?

Thank you for those who inquired and prayed for me as I recently did a Q and A with a group of local associational pastors in Kentucky.  I was asked a number of questions, but the main focus of our time was regarding the issues surrounding training and affirming men for ministry and the responsiblity we have as pastors to lead our local churches to embrace this task. 

My dear friend and fellow pastor, Greg Cochran (Cedar Grove Baptist Church), did an excellent job leading the discussion.  He also recorded our 50 minute discussion and sent me a summarized 10 minute you-tube video of it that captures well the essence of our time.  Many of you have written me with a variety of questions on this topic so I hope in some way it might be helpful as you each continue to wrestle with this issue of what does it look like to train and affirm gifted men for ministry in the local church.

Click here to watch the video.

I welcome any thoughts you have or any questions that may come from this short video.

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  1. Tim R says:

    Is there any way I might download the entire discussion and listen to it (i.e., MP3)? I find your comments and suggestions unusually helpful.

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