Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry.

If I could choose to sit and listen to any pastor just talk about pastoral ministry, Spurgeon would be towards the top of my list.  This book, Lectures To My Students is the closest thing we have to sitting at the feet of this man and experiencing the wit, brilliance, rhetoric, and wisdom of this amazing man of God.  If you are a pastor or pastor in training, this is an essential read for you.   If you have never read Spurgeon, this is a great place to start.

You can find it on sale here.  Any comments from those who have read it and been helped by it?

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  1. BobWiegers says:

    As one who was recently encouraged to consider pastoral ministry, I found Spurgeon’s lectures incredibly helpful and insightful, and led me to examination and prayer. At times he’s humorous too. I sometimes have a hard time following authors from his era, but there is no such difficulty here. As part of the PCA’s LAMP training class, we examined many of these lectures, along with Clowney’s “Called to the Ministry” which is also highly recommended.

  2. Sheer brilliance in so many respects: insightful, realistic, practical, warm-hearted, tempered with righteous humour. It is real pastoral and preaching theology that Spurgeon gives us, addressing multiple aspects of the man and his work. Some individual lectures stand out as eminent in their class. In addition, Spurgeon’s wit and verve make it a pleasure to read.

    I would recommend it readily, with the proviso that we must not confuse what Spurgeon says with what the Bible says. I think that there are points where he gives counsel in which he is simply unaware that most of us do not have his particular gifts and capacities. On the other hand, we must not confuse our lack of faith with the absence of certain gifts, and Spurgeon will certainly challenge us to live holy lives and pursue high ends in dependence on God.

    If we are ready to read this with our Bibles open to assess these wise counsels – as Spurgeon would doubtless exhort us to do – then we shall find much that will point us and help us toward a more Christ-exalting, Spirit-reliant ministry of the Word of God.

    I hope you will not find it out of place if I endorse your endorsement!

  3. Dustin Lair says:

    I just finished this book for the first time. The thing I like about this book is the very same thing I like about this blog. Spurgeon is not afraid to be confident in his opinions about things that aren’t specifically addressed in scripture. In an age of wishy-washiness it’s nice to see confidence. I like to see people speak with confidence on issues that nobody else is talking about. Do I agree with every one of Spurgeon’s conclusions? No, but I’m glad he says them. Through this book, you get insight into Spurgeon the man. Strong personality, all Jesus all the time. What a blessing for God to using your ministry long after you’re gone.

  4. kim says:

    My Dad bought me this a few years ago. I read on it sporadically. It is good to read his writings as they are in this book. He wasn’t intimidated to preach the Gospel. He spoke Truth. My Dad just went to his church in London – loved it. All I got to see were the pictures. Will have to go!

    Thank you – I love all these book recommendations. Love to read!

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