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What is the most well-known book written by Jonathan Edwards?  You might be surprised to know some feel this book The Life and Diary of David Brainerd is one of Edward’s most influential contributions.  Without Edward’s efforts, we may have been deprived of knowing this amazing young missionary to the American Indians, who suffered greatly, yet God used in incalculable ways.  Through Brainerd’s trials and discouragements, God created in Brainerd a deep abiding faith in Christ that still inspires the most mature of Christians.  I highly recommend this book for both laypersons and pastors who desire to be challenged in what true, genuine, and humble Christ-dependency looks like in the soul of one who endured unceasing physical suffering.  You can find this book on sale here.

Any additional comments from those, like me, who have read this book and have never been same since?

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One comment on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement
  1. Paul C says:

    I finished this book a couple months ago and you are right – it is a life-changer. I was continually struck by a few things:

    1. his crystal clear honesty and self-examination: he evaluated his motives over and over again. Look at a statement like this:

    “I had been heaping up my devotions before God, fasting, praying, &c. pretending, and indeed really thinking sometimes, that I was aiming at the glory of God; whereas I never once truly intended it, but only my own happiness.”

    Or this:

    “Of late I have thought much of having the kingdom of Christ advanced in the world; but now I had enough to do within myself. The Lord be merciful to me a sinner, and wash my soul!”

    Rather than destroying him, his brutal honesty drove him closer to the throne of His God.

    2. it is true he seems to have suffered from throes of depression, perhaps made deeper by his complete loneliness at times. But as the diary progresses, you see him get more and more settled. His sole desire to advance Christ’s kingdom is a wonder to behold

    3. his longsuffering… after sowing and sowing, both in prayer and preaching, with so little result, he still stuck to the task.

    I was blessed and challenged. It seems this book has been the inspiration to many, including Edwards himself, and other missionaries like Jim Elliott and William Carey, to name a couple.

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