Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s soul

Pastors have many heart struggles as they strive to faithfully serve Christ and his church.  However, what would you say is the one that effects most all pastors in one way or another?  I would argue the heart struggle of “fearing man more than God.”  This book, When People Are Big and God is Small written by Ed Welch is one of the finest books I have ever read that pierces the heart as it diagnoses this problem and presents practical solutions in a gospel-centered way.  This transformed the way I evaluated so many of my interactions with people in the church.  I recommend this to all Christians, but let me warn you.  Be prepared to see places exposed in your life where you never thought you feared man.  Pastors, if you think you never struggle with fear of man…you especially need to read this book for the sake of your own soul.  You can find it on sale here.

If you have been helped by this book in a similar way…feel free to explain how.

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2 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s soul
  1. Doug says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. This book was such a blessing to me, and I didn’t know how much I needed to read it, until after i read it.
    I purchased it upon your recommendation, so I offer my sincere thanks.

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