Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry

One of the highlights of my time in Scotland, was sitting at the feet of Derek Prime in his home talking about pastoral ministry.  Derek will be 80 years old this year and is a legendary pastor in the UK.  Derek has served faithfully in pastoral ministry for over 40 years, 20 of those years at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland as their pastor.  Derek has also written many books, most of which have remained in print for decades.  Arguably, the most impactful of them all is this book, On Being A Pastor.  This is a new addition from the original book, Pastors and Teachers, with contributions from Alistair Begg, who learned under Derek Prime’s ministry while serving at Charlotte Chapel.  If Derek’s original book could be improved in any way…it has with Begg’s seal and affirmation in this updated version.  It is one of the finest modern books on pastoral ministry that exists and has been a tremendous help to me over the years.  Every pastor should read this book and reference it often.  You can find it on sale here.

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3 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry
  1. Chris Huff says:

    I received this book awhile back through a book swap, but haven’t read it yet as I have a stack of books on my read list. But your review makes me want to bring it to the top of the pile. I’ll be starting this one soon.

  2. Scott Wright says:

    This book is one for the reading. I found it to be refreshing and challenging. It takes you ‘back to the basics’ at times and I need that reminder.

  3. Chris McClure says:

    I read this book a year or so ago and it transformed my view of pastoral leadership. A MUST READ!!!

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