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My dear friend, Thabiti Anyabwile, has written the finest, most accessible book I am aware of in What is a Healthy Church Member that informs and guides the church member to understand their most important role within the local church.  It is profound in content, yet very easy to understand, follow, and maneuver through.  It is required reading for every prospective member of our church.  If you are a pastor and unfamiliar with this book, read it to know how to instruct your people in their responsibilities to be a faithful, healthy church member.  Then, buy several copies, have your members read it, and keep a stack in your office to give to every Christian who questions their role and importance in their church.  Find it on sale and buy several copies here.

Has anyone else found this book as helpful as I have?

Thabiti is the Senior Pastor of The First Baptist Church in Grand Cayman and blogs for The Gospel Coalition.  You will be pastorally served well to follow this very gifted man of God.

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3 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s local church
  1. Rick says:

    We use this book for our membership class. A tremendous resource. I wish 9Marks would condense Jonathan Leeman’s book, “The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love” to a 8-10 week study for church membership.

  2. Mark Tuso says:

    This is a great little book. I especially like the section that deals with the way a believer should listen to an expository message. This little section is well worth the value of the book.

  3. Tom Oles says:

    I first received a copy of this book at a 9Marks weekender a few years back. Just last year we began to go through this book with our members once a month. Since then our church has literally been turned upside down. Members are realizing their roles are much more important than they once imagined and people have began to step up in ways like never before. More importantly, the leadership has discovered holes in the way the church has been lead, some we knew about, some we didn’t want to admit to and some we were ignorant of.
    We will be going through Mark 9 this coming Sunday Night together.

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