Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement

There are few biographies that are brilliantly written, yet historically accurate and seemingly unbiased in perspective.  Jonathan Edwards: A Life written by George Marsden is one of those rare jewels.  Marsden models a true historian as he brings to life this man who is arguably the greatest pastor/theologian in American History.  When I read every page of this book a few years ago, I came to the end and could not conclude whether Marsden liked or disliked Edwards–a mark of a faithful historian whose aim is to help the reader grow in an accurate understanding of this man’s real strengths as well as weaknesses.  For this reason, this was an incredible encouragement to me as a pastor and I submit this is one of the finest biographies on this amazing man in this period of history that exists.  Find it on sale here.

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One comment on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement
  1. Mike Lewis says:

    I have found this to be an invaluable resource for understanding Edwards.

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