What have been the top 5 practical shepherding posts?

I used several categories to determine what has seemed to be the most impactful and helpful posts since starting this blog 15 months ago.  Although a challenge to narrow it down to the top 5, I feel confident with my results.  If you are new to the blog, I hope this will serve you well in sifting through the archives.  You be the judge and feel free to weigh in on my conclusions.  In no particular order the top 5 posts are…

1) How can I make sure I am individually shepherding my children?

2) How can I make sure I am regularly shepherding everyone in the church?

3) How do you teach a newly married man to disciple his wife?

4) What is the one regret all pastors should want to avoid?

5) How do you welcome a man in your church who is an habitual child molester?

Thank you for all those who participated in the fruitful discussions that followed each of these posts in particular.  I have determined your input is what primarily caused so many pastors as well as other Christians to be helped and served by them.

For those already familiar with these posts, feel free to weigh in…

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