How do I prepare music for a funeral?

On a previous post, we considered how to prepare to pray for a funeral service.  The next of the five areas (mentioned in this post) to consider for every funeral, is preparing music for the service.  There are a few logistics you need to consider as you prepare for the music.  Ask the family if they have songs they would “suggest” for the service.  Get the details of how music is typically done at the location of the funeral.  Find out what equipment is available, which will determine whether the music can be done live or must be pre-recorded.   Be discerning as to who you allow to sing in the service and what they will sing. 

After working through those logistics and considering all suggestions and equipment details, it is time to choose the music.  Do all you can to accommodate the family, realizing there are doctrinal lines to draw, and preference lines to bend on.  Select the songs to be interspersed throughout the service that will reflect the Savior you desire to put before your hearers.  If there are congregational songs chosen, try to choose familiar songs that are doctrinally sound, even though they might not be your first choice.  You will want to provide words for the songs to help people participate and focus on the message of the gospel through them, realizing they will read those words of hope even if they don’t know the tune.

On an upcoming post, we will consider the next area of the five and that is the choosing and placement of Scripture readings in a funeral service.

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One comment on “How do I prepare music for a funeral?
  1. Ernie says:

    My most bizarre music at a funeral – Johnny Horton, Battle of New Orleans. I couldn’t muster the chutzpah to say no.

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