If you are going to the the Gospel Coalition conference next week…

I would love to meet you.  I am encouraged and challenged by so many of you as you participate in the discussions that come from this blog.  I have really enjoyed the interactions with many of you through the comment sections and email, but always most appreciate getting to meet you face to face.  Day One Publications has asked me to be at their booth for a time as my new book, Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals (co-written with Phil Newton) is being released at the conference.  It also acts as a great excuse to fellowship with some dear friends I have had the privilege to work with at Day One.  My understanding is the bookstore and exhibitor’s hall at the gospel coalition opens at 9:00 am on Tuesday morning. 

I will be at the Day One publishing booth on Tuesday morning, April 12, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.  This will be the only time I will be at their booth for a certain block of time during the conference.  If you are in town and need an excuse to come to the bookstore, come find me at the Day One booth.  I would love to meet you and experience a face to face Christian fellowship hindered by conversing only through the blog.  Again, thank you very much for those who have been so encouraging and supportive of my efforts with this blog.

Travel safe.  I hope to see you on Tuesday, Lord willing.

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