Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry.

Another classic and must have book for a pastor’s ministry is An Earnest Ministry by John Angell James.  James, who pastored the same church for 55 years, argues that the fruitfulness of a pastor’s ministry, especially preaching, is directly connected to the heart and affections of the preacher.  He says, “To command attention for the truth, its spokesman must first must be earnest…”  His focus in the book is much on preaching, but also explains how this earnestness of the pastor should affect everything he does to shepherd his people.  James’ writes from an interesting historical era of being post-Edwards and Wesley, yet pre-Spurgeon.

Every pastor and pastor in training should read this book and then re-read it, as I did this past year.  You can find it on sale here

Any thoughts from those who have read it and found it helpful?

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3 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry.
  1. kim says:

    Hey Brian. My boss, Steve Wright, is doing his SBTS dissertation on JAJ, so I have definitely been indoctrinated in all things JAJ. He gave me an old book of his for Christmas on women…so good. Thanks for posting this. We need to read more of JAJ!

  2. pdare says:

    Thanks, Brian! I put this on the list at and will definitely pick it up soon!

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