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One of the gifts of having spent some time with Bruce Ware over the years has been the one-on-one conversations with him about how I can teach my children the great theological truths of the Bible.  So, when he told me a few years ago that he was working on Big Truth for Young Hearts, I could not remember the last time I was so excited about a children’s book.  Now that it has been published, it has met the hype!  Bruce has a rare, amazing gift to take the great truths about God and the gospel and explain them at a clear succinct level that kids can understand and parents are empowered to teach to them.  It is geared for older children (about 8 years and older), but is also a great tool to instruct adults and new Christians who may struggle to read heavy puritan-like writings.  If you have kids, you need to buy this book.  If you do not have kids, you still need it as these truths are so well written in this book that they jump off the page and make any follower of Jesus marvel at the greatness of our God.  You can find it on sale here.

Any testimonies from parents how this book has served your children?

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3 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s family
  1. kim says:

    Ok, Brian, I’m not a parent…
    But, I’ve loved this book in writing the curriculum for parents. Its been invaluable. The reason I think (and our team here at Providence) it will be so rich for parents is that it takes core doctrinal concepts that for most parents (because we know most parents haven’t taken Systematic Theology) and puts it in a language they can understand. If they understand these doctrines, they will in turn hopefully be impressed (by the Spirit) to teach them to their children.
    Blessings – thank you for highlighting Dr. Ware’s book.

  2. Colin Mattoon says:

    We do not have kids yet, however my wife and I actually have given this book to small group leaders and folks looking for help in discipleship as a theological resource. It’s written in such an easy to understand way and so concise it has been an extremely valuable resource.

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