How does a pastor train his people to care for the sick through public prayer?

 I will admit, praying the never-ending prayer list when the church gathers can turn into a meaningless, painful mantra.  This is not what I am proposing.  I am encouraging you to pick a couple of significant afflictions in your church to highlight through public prayer for the purpose of informing and teaching your congregation how we should face these struggles.  Praying for these serious situations informs the congregation of what is going on, but it also allows you to teach your congregation how to face these difficulties by the way you pray publicly.

When you pray, pray specific biblical truths.  Praise God for his sovereign power over sickness and death.  Thank God for the hope we have of physical wholeness and resurrection one day because of Christ.  Pray for healing if it be God’s will to heal.  Pray for the gospel to be known in the lives of those who are suffering as Christ is magnified in our weakness.  Pray for the medical personnel caring for them, yet recognizing God as the great healer.   Then, pray that as a local church the gospel would be seen in our faithful care of these enduring this affliction.  

Seize the public gatherings of the church to pray for these needs as they are not only wonderful moments to teach and motivate, but there is great power in corporate intercession.

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