Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s family

Last week, I recommended The Goldsworthy Trilogy, so I thought it would be appropriate this week to recommend the children’s book that was inspired by Goldsworthy’s books: The Big Picture Story Bible written by David Helm.  Without a doubt, this book is the most used children’s resource in my home as well as what I most recommend to parents at our church.  It takes the Goldsworthy theme of the kingdom of God as God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule and makes it the theme of this clear, well-illustrated storyline of God’s plan to redeem his people.  I am so grateful for this book and feel it is such a helpful resource that it is the only thing I give as a gift to every parent who becomes a member of our congregation. 

I have also used this book as a resource for new Christians to help them see and understand the whole storyline of the Bible.  Every pastor, parent, and follower of Jesus Christ would benefit from reading and knowing this book.  You can find a great sale on it here.

Any pastors or parents out there that use this book as much as I do?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Our family also loves this Bible for our youngest children. I wrote a review of the pros and cons on my blog:

    We then graduate them to The Jesus Storybook Bible and then the ESV Seek and Find Bible by Crossway. Two great resources in the same vein. I love how they all help children understand the unified theme of the Bible. What a gift to the church!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay Beerley says:

    We love it! My son, who is 6, will just sit and pour over it. Also good for family reading time.
    Becoming a big fan of David Helm. Have you checked out his “One to One Bible Reading” yet? It’s fantastic.

  3. Terry Lange says:

    We love this book and the CD’s that came with it. My son has listened to the CDs over and over again that he has the book memorized. It has given him a good overview of the Bible and it has lead to many good questions about heaven, salvation, the Gospel, etc.

  4. Aaron says:

    At your suggestion, we bought this book for our family and read it through as a family for a part of our family worship time. I wept through the majority of the stories. Without allegorizing, this story book brought out the beauty and wonder of God’s Plan, His Big Picture to save His people through sending his Son. It’s simple enough that my 2.5 year old Kate was understanding basic aspects of each story: people are sad when they disobey God. Yet I as a seminary-trained pastoral intern was reading with awe as the book brought God’s Story to life in a way I had never seen. Thank you so much for your work for God’s glory in our lives.

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