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I recently met with a dear brother in my church who is struggling with depression, which is why I was so grateful I had David Murray’s book, Christians Get Depressed Too, to give to him.  My friend, David Murray, spent several years as a faithful and fruitful pastor in Scotland before coming to The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary to teach and train aspiring pastors (blogs here).  David’s pastoral experience, among other reasons, has equipped him to write in this book the most balanced approach on this issue in biblical counseling circles that I know exists.  If you or someone you know suffers from depression, you need to get this book.  Since I agree with David that Christians get depressed too, this does not exclude pastors. 

Pastors, this book would especially serve you well both to help you consider the different opinions on the issue, as well as care for your own soul if you personally experience this stubborn darkness.

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  1. I am a pastor and God has brought me safely through some times when I was deeply depressed. Suicide seemed like a good option, though I realized then that it would be murder and not a good way to escape my problems. While I do not wish to go back to those emotions, I feel confident that God can bring me through depression again because of the faithfulness He showed to me during that time. Psalm 77 and Psalm 103 were a comfort to me. Also, looking back I realize that the Devil was beating me up badly. I began thinking that his accusations about my worthlessness and guiltiness were the voice of God rather than listening for the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I hope this is helpful to someone out there. The book sounds interesting and I would like to read it someday.

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