Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s family

While traveling last weekend, I read a new book on the plane sent to me about Family Worship written by Joel Beeke.  I appreciate much of Beeke’s work, but I was particularly pleased with this concise, clear, and instructive treatment of the what, where, and how of family worship.  He begins with a biblical argument and flows into a very practical how-to section that any father could read and follow.  Whether you are new to this idea, a veteran at leading family worship in your home, or a pastor looking for a simple resource to put in the hands of the fathers in your church, you will be helped by this little book.  You can find it on both paperback and kindle to purchase.

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2 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s family
  1. Sam Bierig says:

    I looked up the book on Amazon because i have wanted to buy it for some time. In the description section it listed the book as 30pgs. Is that correct?

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