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I love D. A. Carson.  Many of us do.  Few living scholars have impacted us to the level he has.  Yet, out of all the amazing works and labors of this great, celebrated modern scholar, I find myself most appreciative of Carson’s sweet account about his father entitled, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor.  Don Carson’s father, Tom, was a pastor in Canada at a time where persecution and hardships were real for God’s people, especially the faithful shepherds of God’s people. 

This book is Don’s tribute to a man who never wrote books, never spoke at conferences, even served bi-vocationally to help him support his family while doing ministry.  And yet, he was faithful to the end.  He finished the course.  When I read this book a couple of years ago, I not only found myself richly encouraged by the up close and personal account of this man’s ministry, but my respect and admiration for D. A. Carson reached an all time high.  Whether you are a Carson fan or not, pastor, this is a must read for you.  It is one of the finest modern works to strengthen any pastor of which I am aware. 

Find it on sale here.  Read, dear brother, and be strengthened to be ordinary, but faithful!

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2 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s encouragement
  1. James says:

    Read this last year on vacation-truly one of my favorite “biographies”/memoires out there. It keeps ministry in perspective and reminded me of the necessity of faithfulness over the long haul of ministry. Such an encouragement to read!

  2. PAUL TAUTGES says:

    Yes, this is a wonderful book! I read it a couple years ago during a time of inner struggle with ministry challenges. Not only is it the story of a faithful man who is worth emulating, it reveals a warm, personal side of D.A. Carson. I highly recommend it.

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