Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry

My dear friend, Mike McKinley (Pastor of Guilford Baptist Church) has finally done it.  He has addressed the elephant in the American evangelical room.  That elephant is the massive presence of nominal Christians (Christian only in name) that severely skews the witness of the gospel and a true representation of what a follower of Jesus Christ really is.  He has sufficiently done this in his new book, Am I Really a Christian? just released a few weeks ago.  Mike’s witty, humorous writing style only heightens the enjoyment of this biblically rich book that calls all Christians to examine their faith and the genuineness of it.  Mike has done much of the heavy lifting for us in this short, helpful book.  There is also a website connected to the book to serve pastors and those wrestling with this needed self examination here. 

Pastors, we simply need to buy stacks of this book and give them out to both those in our church as well as out who need to be challenged in this way.  You can buy in bulk and at a great sale price here.

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  1. Paul C says:

    Will this be available in Spanish?

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