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It was a joy to have my dear friend, Jeremy Walker, at our church recently to preach God’s Word.  Jeremy is pastor with his father, Austin Walker at Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley, England and was in the States preaching in several places, our church being one of them.  Jeremy is a very sought after preacher, writes a heavily followed blog entitled, The Wanderer, but his first book is what I want to highlight most through this post.  A Portrait of Paul (co-written with Rob Ventura) is a faithful exposition from a section of Colossians that maps out the qualities and character of a faithful gospel minister.  It is a very insightful treatment of the text as it displays the example of the apostle Paul that is applied to not just the pastor, but also to the average Christian in the pew.  This book is a must read for every pastor and should be added to the list as one of the more significant modern pastoral theology resources.  You can find a good price for the book here.

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  1. Taj Eaton says:


    Just finishing this book with our elders and it is an excellent, excellent resource. Rob Ventura is a pastor in the New England area and is a friend of Bob’s. He preached at Grace on one occasion while we were there. I did not realize the connection between you and Jeremy until now. Do you know how Jeremy and Rob are connected?

    Thanks for the blog.

    Miss you brother!


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