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While on vacation, I always try to take a book to read that would help with the process to refresh my soul and prepare me for my return to the grind.  Man, I have found a book that is doing just that.  Although this is not a new book, it probably is to many of you.  The book is an autobiography written by a late 19th century pastor from England appropriately titled, Richard Hobson of Liverpool: A Faithful Pastor.  I am in the middle of it, but it has already been an great encouragement to me of this man’s faithfulness to shepherd his people while vividly describing a great movement of God’s Spirit in a dark place through his faithful preaching of the gospel in the same place for 33 years.  Pastors, this may not be on your book list, but it should be.  I would encourage you to pick one up, which you can get here.


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  1. Leo Galletta says:

    This a great book! I read it several years ago and it was an encouragment to my heart. A gracious, humble pastor who served under and with J.C. Ryle.

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