Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s preaching

The wonderful thing about books, is that a choice few will continue to impact the world long after the author is gone.  In honor of the late John Stott, I thought it be appropriate to bring to your attention one of the most impactful books Stott ever wrote and will certainly continue to impact the kingdom of God for future generations.  It is a classic book on preaching entitled, Between Two Worlds and it is an outstanding book about the craft and purpose of preaching and how the preacher of God’s Word is God’s instrument to bridge the gap between the biblical world and the modern world.  It is a must read for every preacher and would be an insightful read for those who just want to understand better this divine task.  You can find it on sale here.

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One comment on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s preaching
  1. Cleveland Dawsey says:

    I bought this book back in the eighties. I think I will browse through it again.

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