Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s preaching

I received in the mail this week a copy of David Murray’s newest book, How Sermons Work.  For those who have been longing for that much needed, immensely practical, book on preaching and preparing sermons…it is finally here!  As I regularly spend time talking with the young men in our church and evaluating their preaching gifts, it is almost as if David was eavesdropping on all those conversations and decided to write a book based on them.  Every pastor, new and seasoned, will benefit from this book.  Here is my blurb you will find on the back cover:

“David Murray’s fruitful experience as a preacher and his faithful pastor’s heart oozes from every page of this book.  It is written with a precision that will immensely benefit both young aspiring pastors as well as the most seasoned preacher.”

As you can see, I recommend this book enthusiastically!  You can find it on Amazon and Reformation Heritage.

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2 comments on “Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s preaching
  1. joshua otte says:

    Brian, could you post the Table of Contents? Length? Thanks!

  2. Wayne Mack says:

    Appreciate your thoughts on shepherding – preaching is an important part of shepherding, but real shepherding goes way beyond preaching as Ezekiel 34 and many other passages indicate. So keep on encouraging and exemplifying the fact that pastors are not only preachers, but shepherds.

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