What does an ordination service look like?

Well, come and find out.  This Sunday evening, September 18, 2011, we will be having an ordination service at our church, Auburndale Baptist Church, at 6:00 pm.  We have 5 qualified and gifted men who have completed our process to be affirmed for ministry outlined in this book, Test, Train, Affirm, and Send into Ministry. 

If you are in Louisville, Ky or live near enough to make the trip, I would encourage you to come.  There is a reception in our fellowship hall to follow, which you are also invited to attend and meet some of our folks.  Our ordination services are some of the most memorable and moving services I have been in at our church.  I hope you are able to make it.

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3 comments on “What does an ordination service look like?
  1. Ann says:

    Praise God! When my husband was ordained, we also had 5 men doing this together and I still have amazing memories of that night. What a great blessing!!

  2. Adam says:

    I’m so thankful for our new pastors & deacons.

  3. Pastor Michele Galvan says:

    great insight

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