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Few modern pastors have access to what I would refer to as “a legendary pastor.”  You know…that faithful man who has labored and is still laboring in the trenches of pastoral ministry faithfully and longer than most of us have been alive.  What adds to this status even more is when these men have labored that long in the same place.  Although recently deceased, the great Scottish pastor, William Still, surpasses these requirements as he labored for over 50 years in the same church.  Access to this man’s infinite wisdom is captured best in his classic work, The Work of the Pastor.  Having just read this book, I can tell you it is an amazing pastoral theology that contains insightful gems for pastoral ministry (like this one) that seem to only come along every half century.  This is at the top of my growing list of books every pastor and pastor in training should read.  You can find it for a good price here.

In light of this post and turning 37 years old myself today, I would like to acknowledge the two living pastors and heroes I personally know who have labored faithfully in pastoral ministry in the same place longer than I have been alive.  Jackson Boyett and Austin Walker.  Two men who have influenced and taught me more than they will ever realize.  Your friendship and example is such a gift to me.  Thank you for modeling pastoral faithfulness for us young ones who long to labor as you have.  You are without a doubt “legends” to me and many others.


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  1. Scott Van Neste says:

    Very good book indeed!

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