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Just in case you are tempted to think all I read is pastoral theology books, here is a recommendation that is a bit outside the box.  I love history and love reading about it.  I especially love to read good, objective historians who know how to tell a story that is captivating for the reader.  This is why I have read most of what the awarding winning historian, David McCullough, has written.  One of his books that is not as well-known as others, but is one of my favorites, is his book on The Johnstown Flood.  This book accounts of the disastrous dam failure that flooded the entire town of Johnstown, PA in 1889.  McCullough tells the story of destruction and heroic acts of the citizens of Johnstown like no one else and reminds us of why he may be the most significant historian in the last half century.  You can find it for a great price here. 

My friend, Tim Challies, shares my love for history and McCullough as a writer and historian and has written an excellent review on this book.  Check it out if you get a chance.

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