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I have been doing research to begin writing my next book, “The Pastor as Husband and Father: Shepherding your family through the unique challenges of pastoral ministry”  (Zondervan – August 2013).  As a result, I have come across a fascinating little book entitled, Good Christians Good Husbands written by Moore Doreen.  This book is a well researched account of the ministry and marriages of George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards.  It accurately highlights the neglected marriages of Whitefield and Wesley in the name of ministry, while Edwards acts as the contrast who was both faithful with ministry and family.  Then, there is an entire chapter evaluating the lessons that Christians and especially pastors can learn from the lives and marriages of these pillars of Church history.  This will be an enjoyable read for both the pastor and those looking to learn lasting lessons for Christian marriage.  You can find it on sale here.

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