A dark cloud of God’s providence has stalled…not much blogging will be done this week.

Just a note to ask for prayer and let you know that not much blogging will be done this week and why.  As many of you know, my dear friend and pastoral mentor, Jackson Boyett and his wife Barbara were killed in a head-on car wreck on Tuesday night.  While grieving this news, we received word 3 days later that one of our beloved deacons in our church was killed in a head-on car wreck on the 2nd St. bridge on Friday afternoon, leaving behind a wife and 2 small kids. 

This is all pretty consuming right now and will be most of this week as we try to care for this man’s widow, his kids, plan services, workout logistics, and shepherd a devestated congregation.  I assume there will be several blog posts to come from walking through this time, but until I have time to get to it…must focus on the task at hand.  I hope to post something later in the week, Lord willing.

Thank you for your prayers for me and all those involved in this difficult time.  The Lord has certainly shown to be good and sovereign through them.

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12 comments on “A dark cloud of God’s providence has stalled…not much blogging will be done this week.
  1. Jim says:

    Praying for you, this dear family, and your hurting sheep! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Connie says:

    We have been so concerned about this accident on the bridge & now to learn he is a deacon with your church ! My heart is deeply touched for this family &
    Your church.

  3. josh hall says:

    Found your blog last week. Have greatly enjoyed reading through your posts. Will be praying for strength for you in days ahead.

  4. Frank Emrich says:

    I am praying for you and your church brother. We went through something similar this summer having 4 people in our church family die in a 3 week period. I know you are aware but indeed Gods grace is more than sufficient to carry you through.

  5. Mark Dickinson says:

    I, too, am walking through death (brother-in-law to a tornado) and loss (church job) so I am right there with you! You, your family and the churches involved will be in my prayers. May God be glorified!
    Mark Dickinson

  6. Stephen Gambill says:

    Brother, we were so broken to hear this. We prayed for you all and the family specifically yesterday as a church. May God bring beauty out of these ashes.

  7. Ken says:

    Praying Psalm 23 for these families and your congregation. We love our brothers and sisters in Christ and hope our prayers in some way can help carry this burden.

  8. Through Greg Van Court I knew of both these sad events and have and will be praying.

  9. Geoff says:

    Pastor, I prayed for much grace, strength, and comfort for you and those grieving. God is indeed good, loving, and faithful. In Christ, Geoff.

  10. May God grant you wisdom and peace as you minister to the family and to the family of God. As has been said God’s grace passes all understanding! Rest in Him!!

  11. Sue Ann Belderes says:

    Brian, I am so sorry to hear of these tragic accidents. My heart goes out to these families and to you as you minister to them. May the Lord give you strength and wisdom during these difficult times. Love ya!

  12. Ken Rucker says:

    Brian, my prayers are with you, your congregation, and these families as they grieve this loss and fight to trust God in the midst of tragedy.

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