Thank you for your prayers and kind words!

Dear friends, pastors, and brothers and sisters in Christ,

A quick note to say thank you for your prayers, care, and concern through this difficult time.  I have been overwhelmed by your emails and comments and without a doubt they have been the means of God’s sustaining grace through the funerals and the care of God’s hurting people this past week.

They have been a kind reminder that this blog is more than just a place to write practical insights about ministry, but a way to unite those of us in Christ who desire to be faithful in the soul care of God’s sheep until the Chief Shepherd returns.  Several posts are already in the works about these events as my heart is full from all that has happened.  I pray they will be a help to you in some way, for if you are a pastor long enough, all will be appointed to walk through a dark cloud of God’s providence with his church. 

My hope is that this blog in these coming weeks might serve you to look and find the smiling face of God when the dark providences come.



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2 comments on “Thank you for your prayers and kind words!
  1. Jim says:

    Thankful for the update. We will continue in prayer for you and the flock there and in Austin.
    Love you dearly Brother,

  2. Hesbon says:

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer sample you have given above.God bless you and keep up the good work you are doing.

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