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In case you are unfamiliar, allow me to introduce you to my friend, David Sitton.   David was a pioneer missionary to Papua New Guinea for 2 decades before coming back to the United States to start a training center for missionaries and a missions movement to the unreached peoples known as To Every Tribe Ministries.  David is best described as a modern day William Carey/ John Paton figure who regularly risked his life among unreached cannibalistic tribes for the sake of the gospel.  I have known David for several years, he has preached in our church, our church supports missionaries that David has trained and sent back to PNG, and many of his riveting missionary tales I have heard from him personally.  I have good news.  His long awaited, much requested book about his missionary experiences is now available in his new book, Reckless Abandon. 

Although I already knew many of the stories told in it, my heart soared all over again as I read of the amazing things God chose to do through this zealous servant to take the gospel to the “remotest parts of the earth” and I could not put it down.  Every pastor and every Christian must read this book.  I am convinced it will be among the few books 100 years from now that is read and re-read by missionaries for their encouragement and to remind them of why they are laying down their life for the sake of Christ’s name among the unreached.  However, be careful as you read.  You may get a glimpse of what it would mean for you to live a reckless abandon life for Jesus Christ.

You can find it on sale here.

The foreword was written by my dear friend and pastoral mentor, Jackson Boyett who was killed with his wife in a car accident 2 weeks ago.  Jackson has been a partner with David from the beginning in this ministry as you will read.  Although Jackson is with the Lord, reading his words in the foreword about his passion for this ministry was a great source of comfort and encouragement for me as I grieve his loss, as I know David is deeply grieving also.

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  1. Daniel Lowry says:

    Got it, reading it now. 1 chapter in and it has already fed my soul with rejoicing and conviction. Thanks for this, brother.

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