My newest book…now available

My newest book has just been released and is now available at Amazon as well as other online stores.  It is an exposition of Hebrews 11 (and 12) aimed at allowing the Old Testament heroes of our faith to stimulate enduring faithfulness to Christ in the lives of weary and hurting Christians.  The last chapter is dedicated to how Hebrews urges pastors to persevere in their ministries.  Here is a word from Tom Schreiner’s foreword as well as the table of contents of the book:

“I rejoice, therefore, in Brian Croft’s book because he reminds us from Hebrews 11 (and 12) that Old Testament saints and Jesus supremely, trusted in God.  They persevered in faith even when their circumstances seemed to scream out that God’s Word was untrue.  Pastor Croft gives feet and hands to faith, showing us what it looks like in everyday life.  May we follow those who have gone before us in faith, so that we like them will win an eternal reward.”  (Tom Schreiner – Foreword)

Table of Contents:




1) Enduring…like Abel, Enoch, and Noah

2) Enduring…like Abraham

3) Enduring…like Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

4) Enduring…like Moses

5) Enduring…like Joshua and Rehab

6) Enduring…through soaring and suffering

7) Enduring…because of Jesus

8) A final word to pastors: Implications for endurance in pastoral ministry


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One comment on “My newest book…now available
  1. Bob Kellemen says:

    Congrats, Pastor Brian. That’s a great Christmas present to have a new book released. We’d love to review it at the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Bob

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