A kind and unexpected endorsement from the “Blog King.”

There are a few really popular, heavily followed Christian blogs in the blogosphere, and then there is Tim Challies’ blog.  Tim and his blog stand alone in both quality, influence, and usefulness and is affectionately known by many as “The Christian Blog King.”  Tim has been an encouraging supporter of this blog, but I must admit I was incredibly humbled when Practical Shepherding was on his list of “blogging heroes of 2011.”  Here were his kind and meaningful words about this blog in that article:

When I speak to people who are considering blogging, I always talk about the importance of identifying a niche and then filling it. It is far easier to gain authority in a niche than it is to gain authority broadly. The example I always use is Brian Croft and his Practical Shepherding blog. Brian identified his own passion and gifting and then found that there was a void in the Christian blogosphere that he could fill. He has done a great job of doing just that. Writing primarily to pastors, he humbly offers advice or teaching that is both practical and biblical. It’s a must-read for any pastor. 

Read the full article and Tim’s other 6 blogging heroes of 2011.

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6 comments on “A kind and unexpected endorsement from the “Blog King.”
  1. Bob Kellemen says:

    Pastor Brian, A well-deserved honor. In fact, my list comes out later this week, and you’re on mine, also. Although, if Tim is the King, I am a private or cupbearer, or other such designation. Bob

  2. Mike Neglia says:

    Congratulations on making the list! Your blog is indeed very helpful to me, and the leadership team at our church often circulate articles amongst ourselves.

    Getting a shout out from Challies is great! Last hear he linked to a Trevin Wax post that linked to my blog; and I got more hits that weekend than I’ve gotten in its entire accumulated history!

    Hopefully many more pastors and leaders will benefit from your content here.

  3. Wonderful that you received this recognition. I appreciate that you have categories like “caring for widows” and “funerals”. I have been both a widow and am now caring for my husband who has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. I will go back and read more of your posts as I have time.

    I really think that many pastors are trained for the youth, but not for the elderly. A church youth group, not even from my church–our friend’s church, are planning to come here and help us weed our yard.


  4. Ross Shannon says:

    As a young pastor starting out and seeking to stay faithful, you are a mentor-from-afar with practical encouragement and consistent wisdom. Thank you for taking on the ‘blogging as ministry’ hat! You are serving many . . .

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