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Al Martin has recently become one of my pastoral heroes.  Pastor Martin was the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in New Jersey for 46 years and has some of the most pronounced preaching gifts I have ever heard.  He is also a faithful shepherd who still desires to care for God’s people, which is inescapable to miss if you read his new book: Grieving, Hope, and Solace: When a loved one dies in Christ.  After Pastor Martin lost his wife of over 50 years to a long battle with cancer, he decided to grieve among and in front of God’s people through a series of sermons he preached soon after his loss.  Those sermons have been a great help to so many, which is why I am grateful Cruciform Press convinced him to publish them in book form in this new book.  As someone who has done many funerals and have experienced some significant loss as of late, I found this book to be a great help and the best concise volume on the topic I have read. 

Upon Pastor Martin hearing about our most recent young widow in our church, he sent me copies to give to her and those who were grieving in our midst.  That kind of generous, sensitive care permeates throughout this whole book and you will feel like you are being comforted with the hope of the gospel from not just a pastor, but one who has walked through this most dark providence himself.

You will find it on sale here or on Kindle here.

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  1. And the blog that comes closest to ministering to caregivers I think is your blog. I commended you on my blog on my husband’s Alzheimer’s. Recently I wrote a seminary counseling paper on “dying well”. The dying person also needs counsel. Thanks for keeping it practical here!

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