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There exists two unhelpful extremes among pastors today.  The first is the hip, cool, trendy, pragmatic pastor who does not make it a part of his weekly regiment to read theologically rich books, diligently wrestle with the Scriptures, and make himself aware of the theological debates and modern heresy that threaten the gospel and affect the work of local church ministry.  The other extreme is the pastor who has convinced himself he is being a faithful shepherd by hiding in his study for 40+ hours a week, reads several theological journals every week, and is barely in face to face contact with his sheep.  This book my friend, Owen Strachan helped edit and organize, The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor, is a helpful antidote to address these two unhelpful extremes.  It takes the lives of two icons, John Piper and Don Carson, both known for their pastoral and scholarly work, and helps both the scholar and pastor see these two positions are not to be mutually exclusive. 

Whether you are a scholar or pastor, the instincts of both should be in every pastor and scholar.  Whether you are a scholar or a pastor, you need to read this book and make sure to some degree the passion of both are present in your ministry.

You can find it on sale here.

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