Why have I been relieved of duty for the month of February?

The Pastors of Auburndale Baptist Church have graciously relieved me of my preaching and teaching responsibilities for the month of February for 2 main tasks:

– To prepare the several different sermons I am scheduled to preach while in England and Scotland at the end of the month.  See my full preaching schedule for my trip here.

– To get a large portion (Lord willing) of my next book written, which will be on the Pastor’s family addressing the unique challenges that a pastor’s family faces and how a pastor can shepherd them through those unique challenges (Zondervan 2013).

I share this with each of you to ask that you pray the Lord gives me sustaining grace in what feels like 2 monstrous tasks to accomplish in a short amount of time, while still involved in some pastoral matters at our church.  The other reason is to give you a heads up on why my February posts may appear to be either more sparse or largely about the Pastor’s family.

As always, thank you again for how so many of you write me with kind and encouraging words of this blog.  Your support and prayers mean more than you know!

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One comment on “Why have I been relieved of duty for the month of February?
  1. Jim Coyle says:

    Will certainly pray Brian, and looking forward to you joining us in Scotland.

    God Bless

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