What is the update on the young widow in your church?

I am grateful for all those who have been following the recent events in our church and have been praying for the family who suddenly lost their husband and father.  For more details on these circumstances read this earlier post about preaching the funeral and the way the church has cared for her.  Many of you have been asking, so I thought the best way to give an update is to let you read a letter I received last week written to the church from this young widow with hopes that her tremendous faith will encourage you and move you to give glory to God for his sustaining grace.  I read it with tears. 

With her permission, here is her letter:

Dear Beloved Church Family,

As I start this letter I am praying that I would glorify God in trying to express how much your love and care for my family has meant.  I feel as though on the 2nd of December we all entered together a period of mourning, and I praise God for this because I have never felt alone.  I miss Stacy every day, I cannot stand that he is gone and there are moments that the pain of his loss has been too much to take.  However, it is in these moments I know you all are praying, because I can feel His grace and mercy the most. 

Stacy and I were at Auburndale almost our entire married life. In that time we learned to love God’s Word and rest in His sovereign care.  It was because of sound biblical teaching that I am able to praise God that in His loving sovereignty that Stacy did not survive that accident.  Stacy was a proud man and he would never had wanted to live with injuries that would have debilitated him, he would want us to remember him as he was..strong and stubborn.  God knew that and loved him so much that on that day and in that moment he was gracious and merciful and ended Stacy’s life. 

I loved Stacy.  For almost 10 years I never had to worry about a thing because I could depend on my Stacy.  However, since he has gone home, God has graciously reminded me that I never had to worry about anything anyway because I had always and will always have Him.  He just loved me enough to give me a sweet and loving husband who reign me in when I got out of hand which as we all know was on a regular basis.   

I have no idea what the future hold for my family.  However, the Word tells me, that my children and I will be provided for in every way, and that I do not need to worry about tomorrow.  Thus I am clinging to the promises of God and am securely buckled in on this roller coaster ride that will end in His glory.   Until that time that this ride ends I am going to cling to His Word, trust in His provisions, and wait and see what the Lord brings each day. 

In closing I would just encourage each of you to keep it up!!   As a church family, know that you have been the example of what every church should be, when I share with others the care I have received they are floored.  This alone shows that as a church we are not living as the world would have us, but by God’s amazing grace we are walking in a way that honors the Lord!! Praise Jesus!! 

We love each one of you so very much!! 

Remember, the same sustaining grace of this widow’s loving God is daily there in abundance for all those who are in Christ.  Take heart in the midst of the trial you face today.

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