Where will you be preaching in the United Kingdom this week?

For those interested in praying for my travels this week, here is my schedule.  We arrive on Monday, Lord willing and I will be preaching in Crawley 3 times on Tuesday.  Then, we will travel to Scotland on Wednesday for the remainder of our time will be there.  I will try to post some updates as the week allows.


February 21, Pastor’s Conference @ Maidenbower Baptist Church (Crawley, England)

February 23, Pastor’s Luncheon and Q and A @ Greenview Evangelical Church (Glascow, Scotland)

February 24, Pastor’s Luncheon and Q and A @ Glenrothes Baptist Church (Aberdeen, Scotland)

February 25, The Leader as Shepherd Conference @ Charlotte Chapel (Edinburgh, Scotland)

February 26, Sunday morning service @ Greenview Evangelical Church (Glasgow, Scotland)

February 26, Sunday evening service @ Charlotte Chapel (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Thanks for going before the throne of grace on our behalf!

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