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Pastors always deal with this question within their church, “Pastor, how do I know what God’s will is for my life?”  That could be a loaded question depending on the context and although Pastors are often expected to know the right answer for every situation in seeking God’s will, we can easily miss the mark.  Kevin DeYoung has written an excellent little book entitled, Just Do Something, that not only counsels the Christian struggling to find God’s will, but provides a helpful template for Pastors to know how to advise your curious seekers of God’s will in your church.  This is also a very helpful resource to have several copies around to give to those seeking to know God’s will for their life.  You can find it for a great sale price here.

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation. I made the most of the kindle offer and read it over the last few days. It is an easy read and very thought provoking. I also discovered it has been translated into French and will happily use it in my ministry.

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