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I love history.  I think it helps us as pastors have a better perspective on life and those who have gone before us.  This is one reason I will read books about historical events that shaped so much about our world, even if it is not directly Christian.  I just finished one of the most impacting historical books I have ever read.  It is a book about Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust where 1.1 million Jews were murdered.  Author, Laurence Rees, has appropriately entitled it Auschwitz: A New History as it “reveals new insights from more than 100 original interviews with Auschwitz survivors and Nazi perpetrators who speak on the record for the first time.” 

Rees’s conclusion of the cause of this unthinkable event, is quite compelling that any pastor wanting better to understand the deep depravity of the human heart and what it is capable of will be well instructed by its pages.   I must warn you, this book is intense as you can imagine.  I just finished it last night.  However, I still commend it to you for the above reasons, as well as simply extending an example of what good, well-researched, historical work done with integrity should look like.  You can find it on sale here.

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