Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s mission

You have probably heard the buzz about this book, but just in case you have not, here it is.  If you have, behold my official commendation.  Pastors need to understand what is the mission of the church and DeYoung and Gilbert do a marvelous job of striking a needed balance in this growing debate.  Greg Gilbert has been a personal friend for over 10 years so allow me to commend Greg and his ministry to you if you are unfamiliar with him.  Greg burst on the scene with his incredibly helpful book What is the Gospel? and now pastors Third Ave. Baptist Church here in Louisville, KY.  Kevin and Greg are both very gifted writers and are a great example of how to approach a topic as this and produce a helpful tool for pastors and others to think through this important issue.  You can find this book on sale at a great price here.

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