What have been some of the most helpful nuggets of truth for pastors from T4G?

Another T4G is about to conclude.  It has been a joy to talk to so many of you and be reminded that the Lord continues to use this blog to serve pastors laboring diligently in the trenches of pastoral ministry.  Since I have been able simply to attend and be fed by the Word at this conference, I thought I would mention a few nuggets of truth that have stuck with me that I trust will serve us all in future days as we shepherd God’s people.  They are short one-liners that powerfully stand alone without further explanation:

C.J. Mahaney:  “The call to pastoral ministry is one of joyful suffering and a willingness to die a little everyday for the sake of your flock” (1 Cor. 4).

Mark Dever:  “False teachers make false converts.  False converts then hire false teachers” (1 Tim 4:16).

Thabiti Anyabwile: “Your confidence in the gospel will be evidenced in your effort to share the gospel with those you think are most hardened and hostile to it” (1 Tim. 1:12-17).

If you are curious about the context of these statements, I would go to the T4G website where the videos are being uploaded as we speak.  Thanks to the speakers who have served us well.

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2 comments on “What have been some of the most helpful nuggets of truth for pastors from T4G?
  1. Pastor Croft,

    The last quote is so awesome and convicting. Thanks for posting these.

    I did 20 quotes from the recent Ligonier Conference on one of my blogs. I didn’t have the privilege of attending, but took notes on the streaming.

    Often I quote you when I write papers for my counseling courses.


  2. Dr Marcel Blaise says:

    Thank you for your enlightened guidance

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