Book Recommendation…for the pastor’s ministry

In light of David Platt’s excellent message at T4G, I thought I would pull a book out of the archives that first exposed me to much of what David preached.  John Piper’s book, Let the Nations Be Glad is one of the greatest missions books ever written that, i am convinced, will still be “a must read” 100 years from now.  Like Platt, Piper is at his best when speaking and writing about the glory of God in the gathering of the elect from all the nations through the preaching of the gospel to the unreached.  If you liked Platt’s message, you need to read this book as a follow up.  If you did not hear Platt, then you still need to read this book.  If you did not like Platt’s message, you of all people need to read this book.  You can find it on sale in both paperback and kindle edition here. 

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  1. Aaron says:

    Can’t you also get the book as a free e-book from Desiring God, and then just copy it into your kindle/nook/etc.?

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