Practical Shepherding Updates…

Here are a few updates in no particular order.  Please pray for these upcoming tasks:

Berean Baptist Family Conference: I will be preaching six times at Berean Baptist Church in Livonia, MI just outside of Detroit May 20-22.  The focus of this conference will be The Master’s Perspective On Marriage.  It is a free conference and all are invited.  There is some general info for the conference on their website here and here.  If you are able to make it, I would love to meet you as would my wife who will be traveling with me for this one.

The Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville:  On the evening of Resurrection Sunday (April 8), I preached to the sweet saints at this church on The Glory of the Resurrected Christ from Revelation 1.  You can listen to the sermon audio here and I asked that you pray that the seeds of the Word that were preached would fall on good soil and bear much fruit.

My next book on the Pastor’s family:  Thanks to all the pastors’ wives who shared your thoughts on my wife’s most recent post.  She is helping me write my next book on the pastor’s family and we intend to use some of your excellent comments for a portion of it.  The book is scheduled for release in August 2013.

Radio Interview: I will be doing a live interview on a regional radio station in the Northeast this Thursday between 3-4 pm.  It is in regard to this recent post on What is a helpful practice to grow in gratefulness for your spouse.  Not sure what to expect, so we will see…

Thanks again for all the continued encouragement I receive from so many of you.  I am grateful to God more than you know that this blog serves pastors in some helpful way.

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One comment on “Practical Shepherding Updates…
  1. MarieP says:

    I’m thankful you had the opportunity to come preach, and that you preached the text you did! Such a wonderful vision of our exalted Christ! We are praying for you and Auburndale too!

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